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Could you paint me a Birmingham nursery?

Tracy Lawrence would’ve sung about these nurseries after seeing them!

Adding a mural to a nursery is a beautiful way to add your personal and sentimental touch!

Marion Wine @wineglass.cattlebrand

Ranch mama, Marion Wine (aka @wineglass.cattlebrand), showed off her babies’ painted rooms. While reminiscing, she says she painted the mural when she was four months pregnant with her little girl.

Her goal was to make their room relaxing and enjoyable, explaining, “We never get to leave because of the cattle, so it’s always been exceedingly important to me for my home to feel like vacation… I wanted an uplifting space for a boy and a girl who cowboy to sleep, play and remember their upbringing in with fond memories.”

They will have the fondest of memories!

Maggie Antalek (@maggieantalek)

Maggie Antalek is a professional artist famous for her murals. Using pastel colors of greens, pinks, and yellows, she painted a cactus scene for new parents. The big yellow sun will add brightness to a baby’s everyday! It’s perfect for the little cowgirl on her way!

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