If you were a country music fan in the 1990s, you probably got a little too inspired by the looks you’ll see below. Are you ready for a ’90s hair sized blast from the past?

Who remembers Reba’s sequin and fringe outfits?

Oh, Brad! Back in the days when he wore old school western shirts.

Trisha Yearwood singing in a blinged out jacket and turtleneck is one of the most 1990s things to ever happen.

Kenny Chesney…is that you? If it wasn’t for the signature cowboy hat it would be hard to recognize this country star.

Reba deserved to be on this list twice. I mean, ’90s country IS Reba.

Keith, we need to talk.

Shania Twain started a trend when she rocked this outfit for the first time…and that trend is still huge today!

I dare you to look at this picture and not sing Indian Outlaw…I dare you!

George Strait has always been iconic. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why he’s King George.

If you didn’t wear your hair like this at least once did you really live in the 1990s?