Hello bikini season. Did y’all miss her? If you’re a bikini wearin’, confidence havin’, woman of the water, then high-five girlfriend. I wish we could all be that confident running around half naked, but if you’re a little less comfortable with baring it all for the world to see, that’s okay too! That’s what cover-ups are for. In the past, cover-ups were either plain jane, or granny-ish as hell. Yes, I just made up a word. Granny-ish is a thing now. 😉

Now there are just as many cover-up options as there are swim suits! If you’re into the western thing as much as we are, go for a lace or fringe cover-up. Plus both fabrics have the power to just make ya feel sexy. No matter what size you are, be comfortable and confident and WORK IT, WOMAN!  

Pictured above: Ombre Fringe Cover-Up


Bengal Embroidered Cover Up Tunic


Energy Sun Warrior Cover-Up


Milly Macrame & Fringe Cover-Up


La Blanca Crochete Trim Cover Up



Fringed Lace Caftan