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You don’t need a cowboy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Gather the posse and have your own night of fun with these ideas:

  • Karaoke. What better way is there to have fun than singing your heart out? Shania Twain has nothin’ on you!
  • Movie Night. Stay in on Valentine’s Day and kick it with your gal pals. Pour yourselves glasses of wine, put your hair in curlers, and relax. Did someone say 8 Seconds?
  • Trail Ride. Enjoy nature, each other’s company, and your ponies. There’s no better way to spend the day. 
  • Get Dolled Up Together. Curl each other’s hair, do each other’s makeup, paint each other’s nails, and look amazing!
  • Have a Fashion Show. Have your friends bring their favorite, most-extravagant outfits and stage your own fashion show. Someone can act as your photographer and take the cutest pictures of the group goofing off. 
  • Treat Yourselves to a Spa Night. Cowgirls have a lot of chores to get done during the day. Let yourselves relax by doing face masks, bath soaks, etc. You deserve it!
  • Go Out to Dinner. Just because you don’t have a date on Valentine’s doesn’t mean you can’t have a steak dinner! Gather the girls and go to your favorite restaurant together.
  • Enter a Jackpot. Encourage your gal pals to enter with you. Pop your playlist on the radio and jam on the way there! Once you are there, place a small bet on the table for whoever wins has to buy dinner.
  • Dance Off. Grab your country playlist and have a dance off with your friends. Let’s see those moves!
  • Bake Off. It’s time to pull out your favorite dessert recipes. You’ll be left with a fun competition, as well as plenty of desserts to stuff yourself with after!
  • Go Shopping. Retail therapy is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s with your posse. You can shop online or go out and look. There is no such thing as too many pairs of boots!
  • Start a Book Club. Designate Valentine’s Day as the first day to your cowgirl’s book club. Am I hearing The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks?

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