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Cowboy Boot Sandals Are Now a Thing!


Cowboy Boot Sandals Are Now a Thing! Redneck Boot Sandals takes cowboy boots and converts them into sandals that are one-of-a-kind.

redneck sandals cowboy boots sandals

Well, can’t say we’ve seen this before. Redneck Boot Sandals look like a boot had a baby with a sandal. They have the shaft and heel of a cowboy boot but the front is open like a sandal. We’re not quite sure what to make of these. But if they take off we might just have to have a pair of our own!

According to their website, “One summer afternoon Scotty Franklin was sitting on the beach, at the Gulf, when an idea struck him, to manufacture and market Redneck Boot Sandals.” and that’s how Redneck Boot Sandals was born.

The sandals are custom-made from a pair of boots that you ship to them. So any of your favorite pairs of boots can be converted into the sandal style of your choice! The below photos are of the two different style conversions they offer–Flip Flop and Double Strap.

redneck sandals cowboy boots sandals flip flop style

The “Flip Flop” style are cowboy boot on top and a flip flop between the toe. Our personal favorite of the two styles!

redneck sandals cowboy boot sandals double strap style

The Double Strap style consists of two straps (made from the boot leather) that run across the foot.

To find out more and get your own customized pair visit the Redneck Boot Sandals site at

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