Left photo courtesy of @brookelatka on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @racheljoi on Instagram.€â€¦

My go-to hairstyle for under my cowboy hat is a braid. It always seems to be old trusty!

Nothing against my braid but there are numerous ways to spice up your hairstyles under your cowboy hat.

The pull-through braid is super cute and easy to learn! It takes your classic braid up a level!

Rachel Joi teaches us how to create a pull-through braided look in this reel.

How beautiful is Brooke Latkas’s hair in this!? A dutch braid with your hat kicked back is a must-try!

Here Shaley Ham, known as West Desperado, teaches us how to style an adorable messy bun for under our hats!

Double the buns = double the fun! Use the same technique as above, but just create two instead of one!

Pigtails are another dependable style…

and you can spice them up by making them into bubble braids!

Braids and turquoise bobby pins! What more could a cowgirl ask for to wear under her hat!

One fishtail, two fishtails, red fishtail, blue fishtail…

The simplicity is in the detail!

Excuse my bad poetry, but fishtails are a cute and easy way to change up the classic braid under your hat! How cute area all of these hairstyles to keep your hair out of your face under your cowboy hat?

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