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Does anyone know what the X’s actually mean when it comes to cowboy hat quality? Well, you’re about to! The X’s stand for the amount of beaver that is in a hat. The more beaver fur that’s in the hat, the better a hat it is, and the more X’s it is labeled with. One thing that many people don’t realize is that there is actually no standard or rule when it comes to labeling the quality of a cowboy hat!

For example, diamonds are measured in carats and there is a strict system when it comes to labeling how many carats a diamond is. However, when it comes to hats someone could say it’s a 500X hat just for the heck of it when it might actually only be a 10X! That’s why you have to be super careful when buying a cowboy hat! Learn how to feel for a good hat. The higher quality a hat is, the smoother and softer it’s going to feel.

A 10X hat is great if you’re getting your first hat and still deciding where you want to go long-term with all your future hats, or if you don’t wear one very often.

A 40X is going to be the first hat that has a really good amount of beaver in it. It will make a beautiful dress hat that you’re proud to show off, or it could also be amazing to have on the ranch as it will stand up to the elements.

A 200X hat is pure beaver back. This is the first hat that is 100% beaver.

A 500X hat is also a pure beaver, but it is beaver belly. A good comparison is that of full-quill ostrich and smooth-quill ostrich. Both options are GREAT leather options, but full-quill is just a little higher quality. Same thing with a 500X and 200X! Both hats are of amazing quality, but the 500X just takes the cake!

A 1000X Mink from American Hat Company is the cream of the crop and the top of the line when it comes to cowboy hats. It’s beaver blended with mink, so it has the finest and softest feel possible while still having the body needed to hold its shape.

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