Crossing the Gros Ventre – Jason Rich.

One of the most important elements of a ranch house is the decor and artwork that can be found throughout the home. Art depicting the cowboy way of life is a staple in rustic homes; it’s what sets the ranch house style apart and makes it such a breath of fresh air.

Jason Rich, a cowboy artist, has artwork that can be found in many homes around the country; his relatable, authentic and imaginative paintings have captured hearts and inspired thousands of people.

What makes Jason’s artwork standout and appear so lifelike, is that he lives what he paints. Jason grew up in southern Idaho riding, training and drawing horses. His western roots and passion for the arts led to him completing his undergraduate and master’s degrees in art at Utah State University.

As you scroll below, you’ll be able to see how incredible and awe-inspiring Jason’s paintings are; I would love to have my entire home filled with his art!

Colorado Packer – Jason Rich.
A Father’s Influence – Jason Rich.
End of Day – Jason Rich.
Leaving Bloomington Lake – Jason Rich.
On the Shimmering Trail – Jason Rich.
On the Move – Jason Rich.
On the Trail to Solitude – Jason Rich.

If you’d like to view more of Jason’s art, please click here to visit his website.