Cowboy mounted Shooting Kenda Lenseigne Horse Tack Cowgirl Magazine
Multi-World and National Champion, Kenda Lenseigne, shooting her rifle. Learn more about Kenda and Mounted Shooting at

Cowboy mounted shooting requires the competitor to engage balloon targets with fully functional old west firearms, using blank ammunition.

In addition to the guns and holsters, serious competitors will also use specialized saddles and tack as well as leg protection for their horses.

Kenda Lenseigne Circle Y Mounted Shooting Saddle,

5-Star Fifth Avenue saddle pad, $444.90,

Estella Ray twisted and braided fringed chinks, custom order,

Kenda Lenseigne Uberti Short Stroke CMS Pro Revolver,

Kenda Lenseigne Cattle Driver holster rig, contact for pricing,

Stacy Westfall ProTack browband horse headstall, $68.95,

Extreme vented zebra print sports medicine boot, $43,

Tough-1 no-turn bell boots, $26.99,

Weaver braided roper reins, $59,

Weaver Leather tie-down, $22.49,

Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Showtime Noseband, $77,

AJ Horses ear plugs, $19.99,