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Casey Watt-Morgan

Professional Title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Willowcreek Animal Hospital/Self-Employed
Age: 30
Home: May, Idaho

Casey Watt-Morgan is the strong hands of dehorning, & surgical finesse for the uterine utrecht pattern. She is the signature of veterinary inspection, Challis Rodeo & FFA supporter, & board of the Bonneville Cattleman’s Association. Her job as an ambulatory veterinarian spans many male-dominated market industries, & many miles between rural communities. She has absorbed more than just how to work cattle from the side of a chute; she has been humbled many times, & faced fears against failure.

Her patience has matured as she turned criticisms into guidance & has morphed her DVM title into a lifestyle. She also lives a cowgirls’ dream. Her and her husband have 600 head of commercial cows, & run on 80,000 acres of BLM in the summer.

The only worries she faces out there are cliffs, rattlesnakes, & cantankerous Angus bulls. It takes a stubborn, gritty woman to love a life like this, & she finds it irresistible. They didn’t come from ranching families; they just had a dream. Through hard work, lucky-breaks, &
living apart, they built careers that coincide well. She’s made important sacrifices to get to this point, but they’ve been holding her back from the ranch-life & wife-life.

As she leaves Idaho Falls to start her own veterinary business back home, she realizes that she’s “got a weakness for old swayback horses.” She supposes that’s why it’s always been tough to go back to town for her mixed-animal job. Empowerment overwhelms her when she thinks about this next chapter in her life, because she will get to live it all.

Vision for the future of women in the Western industry: “My vision for women in the Western industry is to create a community that acknowledges & empowers women in previously male-dominated careers. I’ve infiltrated a male-dominated profession as a female large-animal veterinarian. I’ve had the opportunity to work with cowbosses & veterinarians, cowboy crews, horse-trainers & rodeo athletes (all traditionally male). My advice, knowledge, & skillset has been met with overwhelmingly positive & inviting reaction by these groups.

“I am the requested & respected cattle vet in my area now; although it’s been a climb, I am evermore proud. I want to pave the way & empower more women to do the work they truly-desire. I want to invite women into these tough & historically male-dominated businesses, because this lifestyle is rewarding beyond measure. Western industry is built upon respect through hard work (male or female). Teddy Roosevelt said it best: ‘Far & away, the best prize life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.'”

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