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Kaitlyn Hurst 

Professional Title: Marketer by profession. Horsewoman at heart., Director of Marketing, Bluebonnet Feeds / Stride Animal Health (AC Bluebonnet)
Age: 30
Home: Mineral Wells, Texas

Kaitlyn’s mission is to help women become happy, independent and confident horse people. 

She grew up competing on western performance horses, but her real horsemanship journey began with her own “problem horse”. What started as a mission to expand training knowledge, ended as an ongoing path of self-discovery. 

As a long-time marketing leader in the tech industry, Kaitlyn also realized that she had the skills to help make advanced horsemanship more accessible. In 2018, she launched the first interview-based podcast in the western performance horse industry, reaching over 100K listens in season one. The upcoming reboot, “Finding the Feel: Cowgirl Edition”, will be focused specifically on elevating great horsewomen. 

Kaitlyn began sharing her story on social media, gaining a substantial following on TikTok as @TheMindfulCowgirl and connecting with incredible horse people around the world. Wanting to serve this community better, she’s working to earn a Master’s in Sports Psychology, to pair with her real-world experience. 

After leaving the tech industry, Kaitlyn joined Bluebonnet Feeds as their Director of Marketing to build out their marketing team, and implement an integrated marketing strategy that empowers animal owners with nutrition knowledge. 

Vision for the future of women in the Western industry: The Western lifestyle and, for many, the love of horses has the profound ability to bring us together. I see a future where horsewomen come together to advocate for horses and each other. 

Horsewomen are resilient and powerful. We demand so much from ourselves. To be the perfect caregivers and riders, on top of the pressures of life. Women make up the large majority of horse owners, yet behind our strength, we’re so often shrouded in doubts and securities. I want women to feel confident throughout their horse journey, as part of the community, and as a voice for their four-legged partners. 

I see a future filled with more friendly faces, centered around enjoying our horses and the western lifestyle. Where we compete with confidence and support one another, regardless of level or social affiliations. 

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