landyn croy-hill cowgirl magazine

Landyn Croy-Hill

Professional Title: Entrepreneur/ Business Owner, The Saddle Shoppe
Greeley, Colorado

“I am a born and bred, western loving girl. From the time I could walk, I could ride a horse. I grew up on a ranch with cattle, horses, pigs, goats, dogs and farm cats; I was also involved in High School Rodeo, Little Britches Rodeo, 4-H and FFA. Growing up, I always understood how little the world knew about agriculture, and how threatened that made the world become; where would we be without hardworking agriculturalists? When I graduated high school, I always had one goal: share my love for agriculture and the western way. For 4 years I taught Agriculture at an Urban High School in Colorado, and I loved the impact I was able to make with these students. When I started my business in January of 2021, I knew I had discovered something special. As a true entrepreneur, my business started as a result of my own problem solving skills; when I couldn’t find a western wedding planner, I designed my own! My business has not only allowed me to express my love for the agriculture and western industry world wide, but it has allowed me to connect with other western loving individuals. From starting with 0 potential clients, 0 orders, and no business experience, to nearly 15 thousand potential clients on multiple platforms, 700 orders, 2 years as the sole owner of a business, and over 75 products, I truly believe I have found my niche in this industry. I cannot wait to see how I am able to share my passions and platform with others!”

Vision for the future of women in the Western industry: “I pray that this trend of sharing positivity and our uniqueness continues to take root in the western industry, for women. I appreciate those who are willing to express themselves differently from others, in order to achieve what others have not. My vision for the future of women in the western industry would be that we continue to lean into acceptance of one another. I believe that the western industry has grown so much in the last few years because we have finally gotten to a point where we are figuratively screaming from the rooftops, how strong, smart, passionate and driven we can be, and the world is noticing. We must continue to encourage others to find their passion within the western industry, and embrace it; the world without the west in it, is no world at all!”

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