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Lauren Kelsey

Professional Title: Model and Silversmith, ISMS
Stephenville, Texas

“My name is Lauren Kelsey, I am 23 years old; born and raised in Southwestern Colorado. I’ve had the blessing of being raised on the floorboards of museums, galleries, and art shows with my roots in mountainsides, deserts, branding pens, and arenas. My father, Greg Kelsey is a renowned Western bronze sculptor, and beautiful mother, Terah, runs his business. My little brother Wilder, 11, is an aspiring cowboy/artist himself. I grew up in the saddle and in the studio with my father. From a young age I competed in rodeo, continuing through high school and college rodeoing for New Mexico State University. My love of the west and western art are the lenses from which I view life. The way I was raised is the way I aspire to live my life. I am melding an eclectic dream of an inspired life as a model and western artist. I currently reside in Stephenville, Texas. I work in multiple mediums including modeling, silverwork, tactile and digital sketches, sewing and clothing design with exploration in clay to bronze. I enjoy living this life that believes in the kindness of strangers, the beautiful energy of people, and the rich history of West.”

Vision for the future of women in the Western industry: “My vision for the future of women in the Western industry is to see the creativity, beauty, and raw industrialism of the lifestyle fostered. I would love to see the publicity of the expansion of powerful women in the western way of life. The West was not only built on the backs of fearless men but also by the women who stood at their side, on their own, and those who reared the next generation; articulating ideas, making houses homes, creating breathtaking artwork, and continuing tradition. As women we create each day, turning a lifestyle into a culture. I have been honored to work alongside women I respect and cherish. Every woman in this industry has influence and are truly a team that pushes for growth. I hope to broaden the lens from which the historical and future significance of women in the Western industry are seen.”

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