These couches from Red Dirt Revivals are a must have in any cowgirl home! From serape and cowhide, to leopard and bright colors, this furniture will definitely bring some gypsy style to your place of residence. The winged back settee above is a definite favorite. It has such a vintage feel and the fabrics on it are perfect…for my house!

How wild is this? Oh how I wish I could’ve had this in my first college house.

This vintage wingback couch in turquoise and cowhide is a beaut!

This one has made its way all over social media, and it’s not hard to see why!

Turquoise and leopard are an absolute dream together.

I love the pairing of velvet and cowhide. Two fabrics with completely different feels that seem to mesh together perfectly.

I love the fringe on the bottom of this one! It’s already such a fun piece but the fringe just adds to it.