Last week, COWGIRL packed up and flew to Dallas to experience the unique adventure of the Dallas Market.

As a first-timer to the Dallas Market and a new addition to the COWGIRL team I had really no idea what to expect when I walked in the front doors of the Market. Armed with a cell phone camera, a press ID badge, and Callie- COWGIRL’s Dallas resident and market veteran.

Immediately upon walking into the building, you are dwarfed by its mammoth size. 15 floors high, and each floor has a unique maze of hallways and showrooms that are more space than you can explore in a day.

Once I picked my jaw up off the ground, we took the express elevator to floor 12 – the temporary showrooms. We wandered through the “Young Contemporary” section, furiously snapping pictures of all the beautiful fashions we saw along the way. This magnificent floral wrap dress was proudly displayed at Ark & Co.

On the other side of the same floor was the “Western” section of temporary showrooms. Here we met several of the fashion and jewelry designers who provide us with many of the beautiful items that are shown within the pages of COWGIRL. As a new addition to the COWGIRL team, it was incredibly exciting for me to meet these lovely people face-to-face. These cute tank tops are from the sweet girls at NBR Nothing but Rodeo.

As we made our way through this half of the maze, we spotted many of the designers proudly displaying COWGIRL within their booths! This cool display was found at the Boot Rugs stall.

This market, as it took place in August, is where the designers are displaying their winter and spring wares. It was a beautiful mix of rich holiday styles and bright springtime colors. I stopped dead in my tracks for the great colors and patterns on these Tanner Mark boots! The multicolor chevron patterns are hands-down amazing.

When we took a break from the temporary booths and headed upstairs to the permanent showrooms, one of our first stops was the Cowgirl Justice showroom. We sifted through the racks of gorgeous fabrics and prints, sipping a soda and letting my phone charge in the corner. In the photo above we were able to pull some pieces from the racks to make fabulously fun spring outfits.

Also upstairs in the permanent showrooms we found the Barbosa Jewelry Collection, and fairly drooled over her absolutely gorgeous belts, buckles, and jewelry pieces. Just look at those belts!

After a quick dinner and a few hours of sleep, we stepped back into the market for Day 2 of our adventure! Back in the temporaries section we had to stop for these amazing and immaculate handmade leather bags by Juan Antonio. The different colors and textures on all of these bags are absolutely fantastic.

Directly next door to those spectacular handbags we found a myriad of breathtaking jewelry. Turquoise set in gorgeous silver bracelets, leather, crystals, and pearls made this particular display a showstopper. Necklaces were hanging all over the booth and I had to suppress the urge to scoop them all up and buy them all! Love Tokens Jewelry certainly knows how to make a cowgirl’s heart beat a little quicker!

As we continued to wander on our last day in the Market, Jenny from J Forks Designs called us over. She wanted to show us her gorgeous and brand new one-of-a-kind designs. Made in collaboration with a leather tooler, she has released a truly unique collection of gorgeous stones and amazing tooled leather designs. In a variety of shapes and styles these designs are sure to hit the ground running!

For more photos from the Dallas experience, visit our instagram page @cowgirlmagazine!