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The brilliant mixologists at Santa Fe’s Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Resort concoct one-of-a-kind cocktails, perfect for that much needed staycation you’ve been needing, that will send your tastebuds flying! Who would have thought that you could sip on a resort quality cocktail, that is simple to make, while enjoying the comfort and peace of your own home; this sounds like a win, win to me!

Private Pilot


2-oz. Tanqueray Gin

½-oz. St. Germaine

3-oz. fresh grapefruit juice


Pour gin, St. Germaine and grapefruit juice in a rock glass over ice and stir to chill.  Drop ½-oz. Cream de Cassis to the bottom of the glass, use long twist spoon and spin upward to bring color up from the bottom.

Garnish with Amarenata Cherries.

Honey Badger


½-oz. honey syrup (75 water/25 honey).

4-6 fresh basil leaves

2-oz. Taos Lightning Bombay Whiskey

1-oz. Santa Fe Spirits Apple Brandy

Ice for chilling


Add a few ice cubes to a mixing glass. Add honey and basil leaves and muddle until basil is dissolved.  Add more ice, whiskey, and brandy.  Shake Liberally and strain into a chilled cocktail/martini glass.

Garnish with a fresh basil leaf.

(Originally published in the August/September 2014 issue of Cowgirl Magazine).