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Thea Larsen really does “do the things.” As a hostess of the online community, Cowgirls Over Coffee, a mother, and a wife—Thea is a girl boss!

She really is on a mission to own the day, savor motherhood, nurture ambition and live confidently. Her platform and online community inspires others to do the same.

“There is truly nothing more powerful or dangerous than a dedicated group of women who have one another’s best interests at heart.”

Quote By: Thea Larsen on Instagram

With the many hardships and limitations presented from the COVID-19 pandemic, Thea’s concept was—and still is—the perfect concept for connecting cowgirls. Cowgirls Over Coffee is a virtual community full of raw, open, and honest women just like Thea! These women share their love for the western lifestyle and bond over expressing life experiences. There is no doubt that the pandemic put a halt on maintaining in-person connection. Thea knew just how to resolve this. In other words, she knew just how to fill up a cowgirl’s cup!

The Cowgirls Over Coffee members are free to share whatever they feel called to! They talk “all the things” whether that be their trials and tribulations or expressing gratitude and appreciation!

Thea makes it obvious that she’s an open book. Who wouldn’t want to join her and her tribe? Her personality and authenticity just shines!

She uses the media in the most creative and inviting way. Aren’t her captions like a page out of a daily journal?!

Thea, herself, shares the lessons she’s learned and offers personal development tips to those even beyond the Cowgirls Over Coffee community.

Thea’s concept is nothing short of beautiful. She defines the community as a “sisterhood to take ownership of every facet of your daily life.”

Don’t be afraid to grab your journal and a cup of coffee to follow along with Thea Larson and her cowgirl community. Check out the Cowgirls Over Coffee collection on Pinterest and on Facebook!