Cowgirl - Johnny Was ScarvesUgh, can Johnny Was please stop making things this flippin’ beautiful?! I’m running out of room in my closet. One of my favorite pieces JW designs are their amazing silk scarves. They are in a league of their own in the scarf game. Each design has a vintage flair to it. Like the delicate designs on your grandmothers china you lovingly stared at as a little girl. You know that stuff you could only look at but not touch out of a fear of an ass whoopin’? 😉 That kind of thing.

Plus, I personally think these silk scarves have a bit of a wild rag feel to them, as well. A girly wild rag, of course, but it all serves the same purpose! Keep warm and look fannnnntastic in any of these silky scarves this fall!

Nativo Scarf