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Photo by Taylor Hill, 2 Diamond Photography.……

Amanda Kimes and her husband Matt have always had a goal to take Western to the everyday person.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, they knew they wanted to go into business for themselves and had a deep desire to build a brand.  “Our families have a history of ranching and farming, so it just made sense for us to make jeans, something we lived and worked in every day.  Neither of us had any experience in the fashion world, but we knew we wanted to build a brand and a product that would last,” she recalls.

Starting a business in the height of a recession was not easy, but the couple persevered. She says, “Matt and I, in a motorhome, selling jeans to anyone who would try them on.  People didn’t know who we were.  If they did know who we were, they didn’t feel we had any business being in the clothing industry.  Slowly, people began to recognize our logo and appreciate what we were making.”

You may have seen their iconic logo make appearances in the hit show Yellowstone. “We feel very blessed to be connected to such a successful show.  The writer and director, Taylor Sheridan, is a personal friend.  When he first pitched us the idea of Yellowstone, we were all in.

Amanda has three key pieces of advice to offer that have guided her throughout her career.  “Always believe in yourself, your gut instinct is almost always correct”, “Fuel your inner fire with others’ negativity and keep going”, and “You have to take scary steps oftentimes to achieve your dreams.”