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Amy Moorhouse, Founder and President of Moorhouse Consulting, shares her 29 years of experience with her clients offering a variety of services.  Amy is passionate about helping brands with current market research to create designs and visual stories that take them to the next level.  Her company also helps clients create and plan beautiful and unique Christmas and Event Decor, as well as custom designed pieces that range from jewelry, floral, paintings, clothing, and anything else you can think of!

“I am a high-energy person, and I am at my best when I have lots of irons in the fire.  Oddly, it makes me more focused and seems to keep the creative juices flowing,” Amy explains. “Freelancing allows me to do that—it enables me to be involved in so many different aspects of the industry.  Freelancing has made me be better about learning how to do new things or approach things differently than I normally would have.” 

After building a career utilizing her creativity, her latest venture is learning to paint.  “Overcoming the fear of not being good enough or a perfect painter and feeling like a fake artist has taken me years to work through—but it feels good to have let it go and enjoy the process and the outcome.”

Throughout her tenured career, Amy has gathered a lot of valuable advice to offer.  “Be brave, believe in yourself, find a path that brings you joy.  Work hard—don’t look for the easy route or the fastest one.  Leave the world, your heritage, and our industry a better place.  The one thing us gals got that the fellas don’t is we have the ability to use our minds and our hearts—always listen to them both and never be afraid to follow where they lead you.”