Desiree Gustafson cowgirl empowered cowgirl magazine

Desiree Gustafson grew up on a Colorado alpaca farm with a passion or dance.  As a ballet dancer from the age of 2 years old through college, she learned a lot of lessons, and says, “Dance taught me discipline, patience, and a personal drive.  No one hands you what you want, you have to work hard at it, practice, and dedicate yourself to your improvement.  Teaching it taught me how to connect, to encourage, and help others find their commitment.”

These lessons have prepared her for her biggest role yet: Public Relations & Special Events Director for Corral Boots.  She strives to make the brand she represents the best it can be, as well as improving herself 1 percent each day.  “Some days it is more than 1 percent and I cruise through my to-do list with ease, and some days I find encouragement from the people in my life to just hit that 1 percent.  You have to have a drive to work harder than anyone else in the room and not let fear affect you,” she says.

Her family has been her biggest support system.  She says, “My mom taught me to always own what is mine, to walk forward with grace, and never be afraid to fly.  My dad taught me to never back down, trust myself, and to always implement by backbone.  My little brother is my best friend, he always has my back and never lets me look down on myself.”

She wants to encourage others to “trust themselves, be true to who they are, try not to compare themselves to others, and to love.  Have grace and compassion for yourself just as much as you do for others.  You will make mistakes, no way around it, but withhold your judgment and allow yourself forgiveness.  Lift others up, and always try to treat the world better than it treated you.”