Erin Baayen’s family specialized in restoring antique stagecoaches, buggies, wagons and carts.  She grew up in the middle of the California desert and raised and trained Shetland ponies and driving horses to pull her fleet of antiques. 

From her love of horses and the equine industry, Erin chose to purchase Rusty Brown Jewelry to take the skills and experience that she had learned from working and growing other companies over the past 20 years and use it to run and grow her own business successfully.

Erin has dedicated her skills to growing the business while working hard to maintain the integrity of the brand by employing veterans to handmake her jewelry in-house.

“Every customer that wears or gives Rusty Brown Jewelry as a gift is extremely important to me.  I truly want them to be happy with their purchase and to feel good about the fact they are not buying good luck charms, but farrier-forged jewelry that is crafted for the true equestrian,” says Erin.

Her family has had her back through every step of her journey, and continues to champion her.  From raising Shetlands to owning a luxury jewelry brand, Erin has straddled every facet of the equine industry with grace and success. 

For Erin, determination and grit lead to success and achievement.  “If you believe in something and are willing to take risks and work extremely hard without rest, you can make your business a success and achieve the balance that we women all so desperately need.”