jenna morr cowgirl magazine

To many, Jenna Morr’s entrance into the Western industry may seem unconventional.  She left her small hometown in Indiana to study Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Michigan State University, followed by a graduate degree in Sports Management and Marketing from UT Austin.  Her passion for high-energy environments ultimately led her to the PBR, and from there, Cavender’s.

“From the beginning, I knew I was an outsider and I was going to have to dive in headfirst and put in 10x the work to be able to create and curate content that resonates to a culture that is easily one of the most passionate and authentic in the world,” says Jenna.  This strong work ethic contributed to the creation of the Team Cavender’s Youth Rodeo Team, a program that educates, supports, and celebrates the next generation of rodeo athletes.

Her family and friends have been supportive every step of her journey.  She praises, “They continue to push me to reach higher and dream bigger. I’ve been very blessed to have a strong foundation of friends who are my number one fans and cheerleaders.”

Looking to the future, Jenna is eager to continue to educate youth athletes on the business side of rodeo and Western culture.  She encourages anyone who wants to be part of the Western industry to “never settle for what people say you can or can’t do, determine what you believe you can do and get to work.  If it’s important to you, then find a way to achieve your goals.”