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On Katie Beal Brown’s grandparents’ working ranch in West Texas, they’ve been drinking a cocktail called ‘ranch water’ for as long as she can remember.  It has even been deemed the “unofficial drink of West Texas”—traditionally made with a mix of soda water, tequila, and fresh lime juice. 

Katie founded Lone River Beverage Company in 2019 as a platform to package the drink that gives people a taste of far West Texas, and to tell the story behind Ranch Water.  She quickly learned that the brand resonates with people well beyond Texas.  She explains, “I think it’s because it represents a set of values that transcend our part of the country—one that is emblematic of the pioneering spirit that built the American West.”

Very early on in the Lone River journey, Katie connected with a group of cowgirls who resonated with the brand and what it stands for in celebrating the Western lifestyle.  “It’s been amazing to see how far this community reaches,” she says.  “I’ve loved hearing these women’s stories and sharing mine.”

Their recent national expansion provided them with the platform to share their story through a new campaign, Follow It West, featuring West Texas’ own Ryan Bingham.  This campaign was a true labor of love, shot on Katie’s family’s ranch with their own cowboys and cowgirls.  Lone River will also be expanding their product line with Ranch Rita, which will be hitting shelves this Spring.

With Lone River Ranch Water, Katie challenged the behemoth brands in the alcohol industry by bringing a unique entry into the hard seltzer category.  Her hope is to continue to challenge the industry in everything she does by providing consumers with something real and authentic they are proud to hold onto.