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Katie Schrock’s “farm kid” work ethic and time management skills provided her the opportunity to be a part of many great organizations growing up, such as 4-H, basketball, and her high school equestrian team.   These skills helped her obtain a Division 1 full ride to Oregon State to play basketball, but her love and passion for Western industries never abated. 

She purchased her first “rodeo” horse her freshman year of college, which would carry her to the 2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon title.  One year during the NFR, the fans sitting around her and two former rodeo queens bombarded them with questions regarding rodeo history, rules, and the athletes.  One of their contestant friends asked if they listened to podcasts and if they had ever considered hosting one before.  The rest is history! 

She started Western Insights Media and owns the subsequent That Western Life culture, which includes a podcast hosted with 2016 Miss Rodeo California Rachel Owens-Sarno. “ We want to showcase the people behind the name you hear the announcer say, the artist behind the song, the person behind the brand you see on your food at the grocery store, and take your familiarity and comfort with the Western lifestyle to the next level.”

Katie encourages young women to not be afraid to work hard, try new things, be kind, and build relationships.  “If you do all of these things, take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health, then I firmly believe that nothing can stop you,” she says.