kim bloomer cowgirl magazine

Kim Bloomer grew up in Gainesville, Texas, at a time when everyone wanted to be a cowboy. Little did she know that she’d end up becoming a powerhouse executive for Bloomer Trailers, Official Trailer of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for six years running and, more recently, the Official Trailer of the PRCA.

For Kim, it’s all about family. Some of the most supportive and inspiring people in her life have been her relatives, and a few of them happen to be co-workers. Kim and her husband Randy have 39 years of marriage and many years of business under their belts, and their children, Jake and Alexis, regularly contribute to the company’s success.

Innovation and education are key for Bloomer Trailers, in Kim’s opinion. “Not only do we work daily on creating the best trailer on the market through R&D, but we are training Jake daily to hopefully take on more company responsibility over the next 10 years,” says Kim. “Our daughter Alexis is a journalist. She not only works with our High School Team and Pro Team, but her company, Breaking Records Media, helps with many aspects of our marketing.”

Not surprisingly, she has a boatload of stellar career advice. “Work hard.  Never expect to be given anything. It must be earned and nurtured. Never stop learning, network, be thankful, and always show appreciation.”