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Ryan Sankey.……

Born to a PRCA bronc rider and a former Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Ryan Sankey’s rodeo roots run deep.  She grew up in Cody, Wyoming, and then moved to Montana to pursue a degree in business.  Ryan focused on her education, although it is what she learned outside of the classroom that carved her career’s winding road.  “As the saying goes, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”

During her college years, Ryan worked for a show apparel company, as well as a local saddlery.  A few years down the road, she opened a clothing store in Red Lodge, Montana, with her college roommate, Kim.  When the time came to sell the clothing store, Ryan went into the family business of professional stock contracting in Joliet, Montana.  She has always focused on pushing forward and moving to “the next season” with hard work and grit.

Earlier this year, Ryan stepped away from her position as an owner in Sankey Rodeo and has focused more on the horse sales.  “Every step along that twisted road taught me something that I was able to take forward and apply to the next season.” Looking to the future, she is planning to continue producing horse sales and ranching with Sankey Rodeo, including Cowgirl Cadillacs, one of the nation’s most successful horse sales with the female horse enthusiast in mind, featuring a wide array of breeds trained by women.

Ryan emphasizes to all cowgirls, “If you want to be treated like a businessman, act like a businessman.  Walk away from drama and people that drag you down.  When God closes a door, stop beating your head against it.”