From a young age, Suzie Crooch had a passion for agriculture. Growing up around her family’s cattle and poultry operation in Northwest Arkansas, she realized that was the path she wanted to take. “I knew it would hold success for me and it would be a sector that would always have a need,” she said.

Her passion led her to pursue degrees in Poultry Science and Ag Business at the University of Arkansas, just like her dad did. After graduating, she started working for Tyson, where she met one of her biggest supporters: Rex Holstein. “He was my VP at Tyson when I started right out of college. He gave me so many opportunities and never made me feel less than for being young or female.”

Not only is Suzie successful in the agriculture industry, she has also gained a large social media following as @velvetbrumby on Instagram. She often showcases her personal home, which is the perfect combination of modern and cowgirl. Her love for Western home decor and modern cowgirl fashion has earned her over 20,000 followers.

Through the years, Suzie has collected plenty of knowledge about breaking into any professional industry. “Do not ever expect to be given anything. If you want something bad enough, make it happen yourself,” she advises. “No one will ever be standing there waiting to give you anything.”