A lifelong love of horses and the desire for tack that was classic and rustic inspired Traci Hume to pursue the art of leather work. The self-taught maker first started using Pendleton wool five years ago when she lived right by the Pendleton Woolen Mill store. “I thought why not try something new and classic on horse tack.  All the wool is absolutely stunning, timeless, and classic. It also holds up super well with everyday wear and tear. It’s my favorite material to work with.” 

To Traci, a great support system is the key to success with any business. “My daughter is my inspiration and the reason I push through everyday!  My mom is my biggest helper.  She helps me with sewing, sanding, and buckstitching each piece.  She also designs wallets and earrings for my business.  My dad helps in any way that he can.  My husband believed in my business from the beginning.  He has helped me so much along the way.  He was also quite inspired by my business, so he started his own, High Desert Conchos, custom hardware for horse tack.”

It is extremely important to Traci to showcase her culture through her products.  “I love how Native Americans have influenced the Western and fashion world today.  I hope to show people within my tribe (Shoshone) that you can do anything you set your mind to.  So that makes me proud to incorporate native designs within my business.”

“My goal for my business is to always be better than I was the year before.  I strive to make my products better and I am always researching new and improved ideas for my work.  For all you future leather workers out there, don’t give up!  Also don’t be afraid to invest money into your business.  Starting a business is hard work, but if it’s something you want to do in life, go for it!”