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Photo by Krista Frances.……

Growing up on her family ranch in New Mexico, Ursula Myers has always been inspired by not only Native American design, but also things from Old Mexico. “I knew I wanted to incorporate that culture and feel to Sissie & Me and later Ranch Royalty and Cowboy Honor, the clothing and accessory companies I started in 2008,” she recalls. “I wanted those lines to represent a true Western essence in our products.”

When they sold those companies in 2015 to start Team Grit Health and Wellness, their foray into network marketing, it was a new adventure and one Ursula was ready to take on. “It was a totally different business from what I had done previously, but also a new chapter to what we were wanting to do in building our brand,” she says, “Team Grit was what we named it because I don’t know anything grittier than a cowgirl or cowboy.”

Together, Ursula and her husband Levi are also creating a line of home decor and furnishings, Casa de Myers. The “Western Elegance” style is a mix of Spanish Hacienda & Ranch House. She explains, “As we built our new home we dubbed the Casa Grande in Texas, we saw a lack of home decor and furnishings that weren’t over-priced, had that been there done that feel, was cheesy, or too loud in color or print.”

With Levi drawing each piece and design, the new product line incorporates their love of all things Western. “Our goal is to create pieces you would see in the biggest ranch houses, cabins, and a ranch wives’ camp house. Decor and furnishings with a high-end feel, but on a budget anyone can afford.”