Jaimie Stoltzfus, Fellowship and Sponsorship Director, Art of the Cowgirl.……

After discovering an unwavering love for horses during her youth in Arizona, Jaimie Stoltzfus earned a degree in Ag Business and Equine Science from Colorado State University.  Post-grad, she explored equine therapy and moved to Montana with her husband to facilitate training workshops.  There, she met Tammy Pate, whose revolutionary event would call her back to her home state.

On top of her Art of the Cowgirl duties, Stolzfus facilitates retreats and workshops and ranches full-time with her husband. Though starting her own businesses is one of her proudest accomplishments, the path wasn’t always easy.  “I struggled for years being afraid to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I was really passionate about.  When I started to trust myself, believe in my goals, and be bold in pursuing them, my trajectory changed.”

It may seem that success has found Jaimie her whole life—from graduating college to entrepreneurship and, finally, her work with the groundbreaking event Art of the Cowgirl—but she worked hard for what she has, with some help from her friends.  “I am a person that believes you need to surround yourself with people that will encourage, inspire, and push you to strive to bigger things,” she says.

Looking into 2021, Jaimie Stoltzfus and the Art of the Cowgirl team are working to make their event “empower and elevate the Western culture, trades, and arts for decades to come.”