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In the Western industry, passion for ranchin’, ropin’, and ridin’ goes a long way.  Hobby Horse Inc. CEO Kristin Titov has been working with passion for years and couldn’t be happier.

In her first years with Hobby Horse, Titov focused on modeling.  She’s been featured in 15 catalogs and has been on seven different covers.  Just a few short years ago, she started helping Hobby Horse with their marketing, and eventually, Titov transitioned into her current position.  Her background in retail and her love for horses came together in an amazing leadership position that she just couldn’t turn down.

As CEO, Titov has plenty of responsibilities and a skilled team to help handle them.  She spends her time where she knows she does her best work—designing, marketing, and business strategy—and lets those talented in other areas take the lead where they perform best.  “I just try to find really brilliant people and then let them be brilliant and not get in their way,” she says.

But she gains more from working with others than just their skillsets.  Through Hobby Horse, she’s found an intense love for women’s empowerment.  Working with the amazing women of the Western industry, Titov has made not only business connections, but has seen the mighty power of women coming together in pursuit of a goal.  “I just feel really blessed to get to work with these awesome women and love being able to partner and help build each other up,” says Titov.

Looking toward the future, Titov has big plans.  “I’d like to do two things: Elevate the brand and add some higher-end pieces.”  She’s particularly invested in bridging the gap between custom pieces and off-the-rack.

What Titov loves so much about her career is the harmonious duet of work and play.  “I just feel so fortunate that for the first time in my life, I’m really getting to combine my passions into a career, which I just feel so lucky and so blessed that I’m in this situation where I get to do that,” she says.  Planning photoshoots, showing horses in her own designs, taking inspiration from her competition, and working with powerful women, Kristin Titov is, in essence, living her dream.