Photo by For The West and Wild.……

Megan Odell has seen her garments strutted down the red carpet and ogled over at the CMA Awards, and she only wants more.

Her first professional position put her in Greeley, Colorado, where she began her fashion journey designing for Miss Rodeo Colorado. After meeting Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works, she began designing hats to match her LiveWire gowns, and, eventually, a ready-to-wear hat line.

Odell has worked with companies both large and small in the Western industry thanks to her innovative designs, her strong creative mind, and her effortless professionalism.  She finds her motivation through empowering women by dressing them in things that have never been seen before.  “It’s creating something new for women who are watching what I’m doing,” says Megan.

“My goal is to raise the bar of Western fashion,” she continues.  “I want to bring in new techniques of construction and textiles to the world of Western fashion.  I want to source artists right of our own backyard to do the work of their ancestors.”

And it doesn’t get more fierce than Megan Odell’s professional advice: “Remember that you are a lion, and wear war paint.”