yvonne boudreaux cowgirl magazine

With her background in architecture, modern dance, and set design for theater, Yvonne Boudreaux got her start in the film industry as a set designer and art director.  While working as the art director for production designer Cary White, she received a call asking her to join him in Utah on Season 2 of a show called Yellowstone.  She recalls, “A modern day Western set in the mountains of Utah and Montana with Cary White sounded like my kind of adventure.  After working on 3 seasons of Yellowstone and then 1883, the prequel to this series, I am now working on Season 5 of Yellowstone as the Production Designer.”

As the Production Designer of Yellowstone, Yvonne’s responsibility is the visual look of the show, which entails working closely with the show’s director, cinematographer, and producer.  She is also the head of the art department, where she collaborates with her incredible team to design and build sets, augment locations, and create the world for the actors to thrive in.  

Working on television’s biggest show comes with many memorable moments.  For Yvonne, working with their Native American advisor – and actor on the show—Mo Brings Plenty has stood out to her the most.  “With his guidance and my art direction, we assembled multiple Indian encampments and sweat lodges.  Learning from him and his team has been truly the most amazing experience and I cherish every moment.”

There’s no doubt that Yellowstone has experienced monumental success since its inception.  For Yvonne, this can be attributed to one thing: Taylor Sheridan and his vision of the modern day Western.  She praises, “He lives and breathes cowboy every day.  He arrives on set wearing spurs and rides a horse while directing an episode.  This show attracts so many viewers because of the love and admiration to the American West as the backdrop to a dysfunctional family.  He has mastered how to romanticize ranch life and make hard work look beautiful on screen.”