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Dusty Leigh Huston‘s new single “The Hell I Won’t” is memorable, not just because of the catchy lyrics and strong vocals, but also because of the fearlessness that the song projects onto its listeners.

We got a chance to catch up with her to talk about her roots, new music, and what’s next!

Her journey in the music industry hasn’t been of traditional means. After seeing Reba McEntire in concert as a young child, she was hooked. However, the loss of her mother pushed her music dreams to the wayside for quite a few years. While serving in the Military, Dusty reignited her passion for music. In 2011, when she and her husband were stationed in Elizabeth City, NC, they put a band together comprised of all active-duty Coast Guard guys.

She recalls, “To our surprise, our little band took off like a wildfire and it wasn’t long before we were playing across state lines and nearly every weekend. We continued to live the rock star dream until 2014 when my husband left the military, and we moved back home to Idaho so I could help take care of my dad who was sick at the time.”

After about 6 months, the itch to be on stage set in and through her consistent begging, Dusty convinced her drummer and bass player to make the cross-country move to Idaho to put the band back together. They found a guitar player and spent the next 6 years playing every honky-tonk, dive bar, festival, and music venue you could find! Once her youngest daughter graduated high school, they headed to Tennessee to pursue her dream full-time. The rest is history.

Dusty considers “The Hell I Won’t” as her anthem. She explains, “It’s the drive I’ve always had to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles that have tried to derail me from living my dreams. It’s to those who didn’t believe in me, including myself sometimes, and no matter how hard things seem, I will continue to push those stereotypes and do whatever the hell I want.”

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“I truly hope people will hear this song and be able to apply it to their own situation, to a time in their life when people doubted them, and didn’t believe in them, and be able to take it as inspiration to never give up and go after everything you want in life, because no one is going to do it for you. When I play this song live, and hear people singing it back to me, I get totally choked up and my guitar player usually keeps me humble by yelling ‘There’s no crying in rock n roll!'”       

A new album is coming out at the end of summer, and we can’t wait! Her tour schedule is filling up quick with plenty of shows planned, touring around and make a name for herself. “Moving across country is like starting over and putting yourself out there for people to get to know is an endless job, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”