With the release of her new single “Cowboy”, Steph Maguire is breaking out into the start of her solo career. Formerly known as Rebel’s Fox, Steph and her band have upped the stakes for her musical career in a high-risk high-reward fashion. She is dedicated to the songs that she writes and performs, and consistently performs while giving it her all.

We have an exclusive first look at her new single, and got to chat about her journey as a performer, what music means to her, and what we can look forward to next!

Steph has worked in a few different industries along her way to becoming a performer, but has been a songwriter as long as she can remember. “Even before I could play an instrument I used to write songs and melodies. I didn’t grow up in a musical family, but I taught myself how to play guitar in high school and I’d write songs constantly,” she recalls. “I did everything but music for a long time. I joined the fire department, got my business degree, and eventually worked my way into working in HAZMAT for pharmaceutical companies.”

Everything changed about three years ago when a really dark time in her life fostered a heartbreak song. While previously being too shy to share her music, this time she posted it to social media – a life-changing moment for her. “I quickly had friends reaching out saying that they were going through similar things, and people shared it more than I’d thought possible for someone like me. Sometimes being unbelievably vulnerable is also unbelievably strong.”

In Fall of 2019, Steph started the band Rebel’s Fox, and began to find success until the Covid pandemic hit. “I wrote a lot in quarantine, and performed a lot as a solo and duo artist and online through the restrictions. Alone with my songs, I was forced to let go of my insecurities – all of them. I became stronger as a performer, a leader, a businesswoman, and musician. I began to really believe in myself and the good of music. I found my strength in my vulnerability, it’s been incredibly humbling and freeing, and I can’t wait to continue this journey and share what’s next.”

“Cowboy”, her new single, “was born from that first line, like many seem to be for me: ‘Don’t tell me that you love me, when she’s not around.’ When I wrote this song I was fresh out of a relationship where he moved on before he left me, but kept trying to hold onto me too, with lies, of course.  Since writing and sharing this song out on tour I’ve had countless people tell me they have gone through this too. Looking back, this song helped me through so much and I hope it can be a cheeky way for others to show those manipulating exes they are the only fools in the game.”

If you’ve ever been lied to, manipulated, or cheated on, it’s time to quit crying! Go get your hair done, crank this single heading down the highway, throw that middle finger up, and don’t look back. This song is for anyone who had a shady person from their past trying to hold on to them and move on with someone else at the same time. “Chin up, crown straight, brush it off and move on. Sometimes it’s easier said than done,” Steph says. “Sometimes you never get the truth that sets you free, but you can’t be crying on the floor over a lying man you don’t want in your future anyways. Real talk y’all, you got this. And your ex ain’t nothing. There will come a day when that veil is lifted, this song is the anthem when it does!”

Authenticity in her music is so important to Steph. “Music is so powerful. It’s healed me over and over again. Power in a song for me comes from its ability to make you not feel alone in your emotions. That “ah ha” moment, or when you’re just so happy finally someone said what you have been thinking or feeling or dealing with. Especially if until hearing that lyric you thought you were alone in those feelings or thoughts,” she explains.

“So far, I’ve always written from real experiences, sometimes through the perspective of someone else, but I felt them all in my own soul first. I spent a lot of time being too shy to share my original music; in this case with this single, I didn’t want to start drama. I was living in a small town, but the truth is the truth and I’m done hiding my gifts and pain when it can help me and others relate to one another through common experiences.”

Listen to “Cowboy” HERE!

Stay tuned for new music from Steph! A full album and tour are in the works for 2023. With songs about boys in bars, heartbreak, living on the edge, chasing dreams, people thinking you’re crazy, and everything in between in the works, we eagerly await what’s next in her career!

Steph has some uplifting final words to share, “Don’t let anyone ever dim your light, or make you question yourself or hide from the truth. You are here for a reason, we are all meant to be here chasing what lights our souls on fire. I spent a long time not knowing what that was. You will find it. When the days are dark you will know. Chase it with a good heart and absolutely all you’ve got. Chase it like no one will judge you for it, because it doesn’t matter if they do. Cheers Cowgirls!”

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