jd reynolds cowgirl magazine

Multi-talented Australian artist JD Reynolds‘ love for performing began as a child. While her mother drove her hours for ballet training, they’d sing along to the music greats the whole way there. “I was the only kid rocking up to ballet class in cowgirl boots humming ‘Jolene,'” she recalls.

During ballet concerts and shows, she would sing to herself to calm her nerves in the wings before entering the stage. A world renowned choreographer heard her singing in the wings one night, and after the show, found her mother and said, “That little JD can really dance, but she sure can sing.” The rest is history. “I’ve never looked back. I love the stage and feel more like myself on stage than anywhere else. I love to dance, it is a joy that fills my soul, and singing fills my heart.” 

What makes JD’s music so authentic and true to herself is how she has experienced everything she writes about. “I can hear everything in my head, all the parts, the lyrics, the melody, every instrument, and I write it all on the spot. My songs are a gift from God. That’s as best as I can explain my writing process.”

The opportunity to partner with PBR Australia came from meeting a few PBR loved ones, and talking about their journey in the world of PBR. “I was fascinated with their stories, and noticed a common thread to each of their journeys. Love and fear. Loving an extreme athlete comes with extreme emotions,” she explains. “I was immediately inspired. I reached out to our number one professional bull rider here in Australia, Aaron Kleier. An incredible athlete. I told him about the song I was writing called “8 Seconds” and how I wanted to feature him in the upcoming “8 Seconds” epic music video.”

She continues, “Aaron graciously agreed and put me in touch with PBR Australia. The whole team is very supportive of me and my song and are excited about the light I am shining on the athletes.”

They invited JD to sing The National Anthem at the Monster Energy Tour K Ranch Invitational, and within 24 hours of the announcement, the event sold out! There, she was able to meet the professional bull riders, the protection athletes, the bulls, and hang out with Aaron Kleier and other athletes before the event, and see their pre-ride routines. “A truly humble and down-to-earth group of incredible athletes,” she praises. “After I sang the anthem, I was invited to stay amongst the action behind the chutes and watch the riders do their thing. The courage and sheer guts it takes, the talent, the athleticism, it was incredible to witness close up.”

“I want people to hear the “8 Seconds” story, to gain an insight into the lives of past, present, and future professional bull riders and those who love them. The family traditions surrounding the sport are inspiring, the spirit and passion of bull riding passed down through generations. I want people to hear in my voice the feelings felt by loved ones watching these brave athletes ride. The nerves, the angst, the excitement, the fear, the relief, and most of all, the pride that their loved ones feel in 8 seconds.”

“Us country folk are built tough, it’s in our country hearts and souls, and if my music can touch your country hearts and souls, that is an honor that I cherish and will never take for granted.”

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