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Taryn Papa‘s song “Persuaded” puts a twist on the typical country love song, flirting with the idea of danger as she releases her inhibitions and embraces living in the moment. An unbridled and passionate spirit with a cowgirl soul, she says, “It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote, and wanting to share this bold, authentic storyline is 100% me!”

We have a special first look at the “Persuaded” video, and got to catch up with Taryn to chat about her inspiration, favorite memories, and what’s next.

“Persuaded” was written during Taryn’s first official writing session with Randall Clay and A.J. Engstrom after she had just moved to Nashville. “Randall was asking a lot of questions in efforts to get to know me. He complained of a “hangover headache” and said, “You know what I mean?” I replied with, ‘I don’t go out and get drunk, that’s not what I do,'” she recalls. “That ended up becoming the first line to our song. He kept pushing with questions. Curious if I had ever done anything I didn’t set out to do – “Persuaded” was born.”

Throughout this process, Taryn has loved looking back on the original recording and video to see how much she has grown as an artist. “Nine years later, this song still has great wings, and I am looking forward to watching it soar! We added some really cool country elements that were missing before, and it really ties well together with my other released singles!”

Taryn hopes viewers see someone who is careful yet carefree, vulnerable yet confident. “Writing and performing this story line as a female artist is not common, so I would love to break down that barrier and make way for artists to show the many sides to our stories.”

As 2022 begins to come to a close, Taryn is looking forward to much-needed RnR with family. But lucky for us, she has a new Christmas song coming VERY soon, followed by an original song ready to release at the top of the year, which features an amazing male country artist.

Check out tarynpapa.com to stay in-the-know with everything she has planned!