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“I’m Nya Lanae and I’m from a small town in North Louisiana. The western culture has been a part of my life since a young age. My grandfather was a well known cowboy in our hometown as well as my uncle. They both play a big part in who I am today. As I was introduced into the rodeo community a few years ago I noticed the lack of diversity. 

“Many voices are needed at the table in the western industry. The western community is about women, cowboys and cowgirls of color along with everyone else. I’m to here to be a voice so that there is institutional change. Everything that I do from the photos that I take to the collaboration with different brands is to bring representation to this community in every aspect, from the business perspective to the participants perspective and in the western fashion culture. 

“These photos not only represent my twenty-fourth birthday and the celebration of me acquiring a commercial driver license but also to inspire. I hope that these photos inspire women and to inspire cowgirls of color because like the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” -Nya Lanae

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