cowgirl getaways
Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Guest ranches of yesteryear focused on the family experience.  And while many still do, the new reality is that more and more women—often single or empty nesters—want to share their vacations communing with other women.   That’s why ranches and outfitters have created “women’s weeks” and “cowgirl getaways” that cater just to the gals.

We’ve rounded up some women-centered programs that have lots to offer.  Each is quite unique and offers a different take on the guest ranch vacation experience.  If you want to ride from sunup to sundown, there’s a trip for that.  Prefer adventurous undertakings, like rock climbing and river rafting?  We’ve got that too.   Or, do you want to relax and luxuriate in a spa, or work at fulfilling your potential through concentrated life training?  Read on.

Regardless of your vacation plans, one thing is certain.  If you choose to go on a cowgirl getaway like these featured, you’re sure to come home with memories of the friendships made and the bonds formed, not just with the girls, but with the horses that carry you through your days away!

White Stallion Ranch

White Stallion Ranch | Tucson, Arizona
Women-only programs throughout the year.  Cactus Cowgirls, 7-nights, 8-days, $2,200.

Established in 1965, White Stallion Ranch in Tucson is a grand-old dame in the guest ranch world that’s managed to keep up with the times. Take part in special women’s groups dedicated to riding and pampering, with services such as hot-stone message therapy, activities like wine-and-cheese trail rides, and amenities such as an outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness center and racquet sport courts.

Tasteful adobe-style architecture and rooms, suites, and “casas,” with Southwestern bedcovers, marble sinks and handmade furnishings make this an elegant stay.  And the desert landscape with its stately saguaro cactuses is magnificent.

“We develop our women-only events around different themes.  Our upcoming Cactus Cowgirls, for instance, includes massage, yoga, and a shopping trip, along with trail rides,” says owner and general manager Russell True.

“And you don’t have to be intrigued with horses!  We will make that happen with a program that will make you feel safe and happy on horseback.”