cowgirl kitchen

You cook, you bake, you run things around the house. You deserve a beautiful kitchen. If your western is your style, listen up. Update your decor with these COWGIRL kitchen decor essentials.

1) Dinnerware

Brands Dinnerware, Rod’s, $39.95 – $119.95.

A full set of matching dishes with a western theme. You work hard cooking, serve that food on good looking plates.

2) Artwork

Tribull Horns Canvas, Rod’s, $54.95.

Funky art with a vintage theme. Don’t be afraid to mismatch prints and designs, as long as they are consistent with a farm or ranch theme it’s a do.

3) Lighting


The Hillside Chandelier,

Rustic or antique light fixtures will bring Western style into your home.

4) Seating

Custom-made Cowhide Topped Bar Stools,

Update your barstool seating. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, or DIY your own.