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You probably already knew the horse world has its own set of vocabulary words. Cowgirls seem to have their own lingo as well. From western saddle parts to different types of horses, there’s a word for it! Learn what these common terms mean. 1. Bosal: Head piece that goes over the horse’s nose and ties in a knot at the chin 2. Breast Collar: Connects from the saddle around the chest to keep the saddle from sliding back 3. Cold-backed: A horse that often bucks when you first get on 4. Concho: Round silver pieces used to decorate a saddle 5. Cow Sense: A horse that is good at working cattle and knows what to do 6. Dusted: Thrown from a horse 7. Hay Burner: Another name for a horse 8. Jog: A western term for a trot 9. Lope: A western term for a canter 10. Outfit: A cattle ranch or those involved in a trail drive 11. Passenger: A person who rides a horse and doesn’t have control 12. Rein Back: A horse that is backing up 13. Saddle Skirt: A piece of leather (or synthetic material) that attaches to the underside of the tree bars on a saddle 14. Stake Out: The horse is attached to a long rope to allow grazing 15. String: A group of horses that belong to a rider 16. Tree: Wooden or metal frame of a saddle 17: Two-handed Horse: A horse that doesn’t neck rein 18. Whoa: Command used to stop a well-trained horse 19. Wrangler: Employed to handle the animals on the farm 20. Wreck: When a horse goes crazy with their rider and there’s an accident What lingo have you heard around a western farm?
20 Terms For Every Horse Lover To Learn