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Johnetta Boone’s introduction to the entertainment industry began as an assistant stylist for editorial and commercial projects more than three decades ago.  While developing her craft at FIT in New York, she dreamt of designing images for the motion picture industry.  These dreams have since evolved into reality with her current role as Costume Designer on television’s number one show, Yellowstone.

Her inspiration for designing costumes for the Yellowstone world is the rich culture from which the characters are from.  She says, “It’s inspiring to experience a genre of those that live their life so simply and pure.  As for the business world, it’s purely the power of business driven with a bit of fashion influence.”  

“Taylor Sheridan’s writing describes the world in a way that you can see it visually.  My research then begins by diving into the region, the people, and the environment.  The best research available is life itself,” she explains of  her creative process.  “I find myself so submerged that I wear Western apparel while working.  Not the high-end designer Western wear, but the worn chore coats, vintage Western shirts, worn jeans, even a Western hat, turquoise or trophy buckle, and boots.  I even get in the saddle a little on the weekends.  You can’t do this with all the shows you work on and, this special one, I can.”

Johnetta’s next venture is an exciting one for Yellowstone fans everywhere.  She has worked closely with 101 Studios and Emmy Award-winning television personality Jill Martin as they develop Shop The Scenes—a new immersive shopping platform used to identify some fan-favorite looks that will be available this season.  The products will not only include clothing and accessories from Yellowstone, but also home goods, beauty, kitchenware, and more.  She praises, “It is a very exciting new kind of entertainment retail that connects fans to their favorite content.  Through a scannable pop up QR code, viewers will be virtually transported to the Dutton Ranch.  Audiences will have the chance to purchase authentic products inspired by the show and in collaboration with the show’s creators.” | @Johnettaboone

(Originally posted on January 24, 2023)