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During these trying times, everyone needs to reflect and process the good as well as the bad. While your stuck-at-home routine may seem bleak, use this mindfulness exercise to realign yourself and celebrate the goodness in your life.

By yourself, with your family or friends, reflect on a rose, a thorn and a bud in your life.


A rose is a light point in your life that has happened. An achievement, win, success of a positive aspect that has happened and you find joy in.


A thorn is a challenge or issue you are dealing with and may need assistance in nipping. Whether situational, emotional or physical, share anything that has been a dark point in your life.


A bud is an up and coming rose. This is something you are looking forward to, working hard towards or a bright point on the horizon that you are looking forward to experiencing.


After finding your rose, thorn and bud, share! Take time to appreciate your rose, thorn and bud as well as others’. Use this to celebrate the roses, nip the thorns and fertilize the buds. Happy gardening.

Share with your friends and family and let us know your rose, thorn and bud!