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Left photo courtesy of @nailistanri on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @talishasnails on Instagra…

I think it’s safe to say that most cowgirls don’t have their nails done 24/7. If you’re like me, I typically only get a manicure a few times a year. That being said, when I do finally get my nails done I go ALL OUT. I’m talking researching on Pinterest or Instagram to find the perfect mani. Here are some stunning manicures to help with your search!

Zuni jewelry on your nail? Uh, yes please!!

You can never go wrong with neutral tones and cow print!

More turquoise nail gems? 100% yes!

Turquoise is a cowgirl’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes, right?

We hope serape will never go out of style!

Obsessed over neutrals with pops of color!

Everything about these nails is just SO GOOD. Actually speechless.

Cactus, cow print, and paisley is a grouping you can never go wrong with!

We’re drooling over these hand-painted nails! The talent it takes to make nails into art is insane!

Now that your nails are on point, here are some rings to match!