Lane Frost.

Here at COWGIRL Magazine, we pride ourselves in providing both informative and entertaining content for our readers to enjoy. We produce six print issues a year, and we also publish new stories online daily to best serve our audience.

You, the readers, were very clear about what your favorite stories were this year! Without further ado, here’s our ten “most loved” online articles of 2018.

1) Remembering Lane Frost: Tuff Hedeman’s Ride That Made The World Stand Still: No matter how many times you have rewatched the ride, it’s impossible to not get chills when Tuff keeps riding for Lane. Read the story here.

2) Remember When Charmayne James Lost Her Bridle At The WNFR And Still Won? Our readers loved it when we threw it back to when Charmayne James made barrel racing history! Read the story here.

3) ‘Down The Fence’ Is The Movie You’ve Been Waiting For On Netflix: It’s no secret that our COWGIRL audience loves a good horse documentary or movie, and Down the Fence was no exception! Read the story here.

4) The Do’s And Don’ts Of Donning A Cowboy Hat: If you’re going to wear it, wear it right! This informative piece provided excellent advice on how to properly wear one of the most important parts of a cowboy’s wardrobe. Read the story here.

5) Meet The Horses Owned By The Star Of Heartland: As fate would have it, COWGIRL published several articles online about Heartland this year, and the star of the hit show herself, Amber Marshall, is now on the cover of the current issue of our magazine. Read the story here.

6) Once Upon A Cowboy Love Story With Tuf And Tiffany: Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story? Our COWGIRL readers enjoyed following the storybook romance of Tuf Cooper and the soon to be Mrs. Cooper in 2018. Read the story here.

7) ‘Long Ride Home’ Is Set To Be The Next Major Motion Picture Starring Horses: As stated above, our audience enjoys a good horse movie, and this upcoming flick, based on Filipe Masetti Leite’s incredible journey riding from the Calgary Stampede to his hometown in São Paulo, Brazil, will be no exception! Read the story here.

8) Miranda Lambert Is Just Like Any Other Equestrian At Horse Shows: Miranda Lambert may be one of the most popular female country singers of all-time, but at horse shows she’s just like any other equestrian, and that’s why our readers love her! Read the story here.

9) Check Out These Gorgeous Horses Owned By Celebrity, Kaley Cuoco! From athletes to even a rescue horse, this informative piece about Kaley Cuoco resonated with our fanbase in a big way. Read the story here.

10) North Carolina’s Wild Horses Are Expected To Ride Out Hurricane Florence: When tragedy struck earlier this year in North Carolina, we worked hard to keep our readers informed by providing timely updates. Read the story here.

COWGIRL readers, thank you for another amazing year. We are so excited to see what 2019 brings!