summer readsThe Essential Fergus
By Jean Abernethy (Trafalgar Books)

What the Dilbert cartoon strip is to engineers the Fergus cartoon strip is to horse owners and riders.  The charmingly imperfect “everyman’s equine” created by artist Jean Abernethy has been making readers laugh for more than ten years.  The Essential Fergus is a collection of some of the most hilarious and poignant strips about the life and times of the popular, white-nosed horse.  The Fergus comic strip first appeared weekly in the Ocala Star Banner pets page in Ocala, Florida.   The situations Fergus encounters include a range of horse experience, in nature, in horsemanship, with his rider Shelby, and his stablemates of various breeds. His voice is both wise and innocent. Fergus is not a human in a horse suit doing human things, thinking human thoughts. He’s all horse. That’s why he’s so effective at showing us how human we are.  Abernethy is a graduate of the Ontario College of Arts and has been producing equestrian-related drawings and horse portraits along with cartooning for three decades.  She has illustrated several books and instructional articles, technical how-to drawings, and diagrams.  In addition to many of the fan favorite strips, The Essential Fergus includes a number of brand new cartoons.  The Essential Fergus treasury of comic strips is a pleasure for all ages.