summer reads

Reckless in Texas
By Kari Lynn Dell (Sourcebooks)

Joe came to Texas to escape a life spiraling out of control. He never planned on sticking around.  But Violet is everything he never knew he was missing, and the deeper he’s pulled into her beautiful mess of a family, the more he realizes this fierce rodeo girl may be offering him the one thing he never could find on his own.

By Diana Palmer (Harlequin)

Isabel is an assistant district attorney committed to serving the law, no matter how risky it gets. But right now, the man she can’t forgive is the one protecting her. If she can’t trust herself to resist him, how can she trust him not to break her heart all over again?

Cowboy Come Home
By Janette Kenny (Kensington)

Without her overprotective father to guide her, Daisy’s trying to stand on her own at last.  But a sinister foreman with a grudge seems determined to cut her down at every turn. And Trey, the one man she can count on, is the same man she could never trust herself to resist…not even now, when her heart—and her life—are at stake.

Outlaw Cowboy
By Nicole Helm (Sourcebooks)

Caleb Shaw vowed he’d mend his wild ways, and he means to keep his word.  He knows he should want absolutely nothing to do with his crazy old life… or the maddening temptation that is Delia Rogers.  Because Delia is nothing but trouble.