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This 9 Year Old Cowgirl Created Her Own Tack Line For Kids

Most people could take a page out of this young cowgirl's book!

August 27, 2018

Thanks to a special cowgirl, kids have a tack line that is specially made for them! Photo by Elizabeth Hay Photography.

Talk about incredible! Abby, a nine year old cowgirl, created her own tack line for kids.

“I made this company so that kids could be independent when tacking their horse up! Saddles can be so heavy, boring, and expensive. I set out to create saddles that were the exact opposite: light, fun, and affordable without compromising quality and fit on your horse!” – Abby

The world needs more hardworking go-getters like Abby! Visit Riding Free Tack Company on Instagram and Facebook for more info! For now, browse through some of the tack selections currently offered.

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