This cowgirl lives, breathes, and sleeps horses! Born and raised in Ohio, Kellie White-Rettinger owns Whispery Pines Percherons with her husband Sam Rettinger. Eight beautiful black Percheron draft horses call this place home. Kellie’s mission is to not only promote draft breeds, but to educate the community on how amazing horses truly are!

PC: Lori Spellman Photography

In order to bring awareness, Kellie takes on a few alter egos. These characters include Wonder Woman, the Headless Horseman, Annie Oakley, and Cinderella. She has performed everywhere from Lexington, Kentucky at the Road to the Horse to Columbus, Ohio at the Amazing Fantasia show that’s apart of Equine Affaire Ohio. This provides her an opportunity to connect with adults and children alike!

Plus, who doesn’t like dressing up and putting on a performance… talk about some cowgirl fun!

Not only does she love to portray these characters, but Kellie also rides and drives her draft horses in various competitions. She’s one of the few women who can drive a six horse hitch! Her farm specializes in show hitching, carriage rides, sleigh rides, and logging.

Fun Fact: It takes over one hour per horse to get ready for a six-horse hitch!

PC: Lori Spellman Photography

It’s all about loving horses, according to Kellie. She’s persistent and isn’t afraid of being shot down. Through early mornings, late nights, and tears, this cowgirl has risen to the top. She’s the first female endorser for Montana Silversmiths. Kellie also acts as an ambassador a few other companies like Cowboy Magic and Absorbine.

This woman represents a true cowgirl! She has the heart and drive to chase her goals, draft-sized dreams! Want to see her in action? Check the video below. You don’t want to miss this exciting action.

It’s so encouraging to meet women who still have a drive and love for horses. This industry could use a few role models! You can learn more about Wonder Woman Kellie at: This Equestrian Wonder Woman Is On A Mission To Inspire!